Key Course Objectives

  • Use Cases & Interventions

    Identify and review the top long-term care use cases and interventions, and how HealthInfoNet's HIE services can assist providers in overcoming common challenges.

  • Clinical Portal Demonstration

    Learn how to use specific features, functionality, and data elements contained in the HIE Clinical Portal to support seamless care coordination and continuity of care practices in patient encounters.

  • End-User Testimonials

    Learn how some of HealthInfoNet's long-term care end users are leveraging the HIE's services to obtain valuable insights into their patients' care and medical histories to better inform their decision-making skills.

Course Curriculum Overview

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  • 1

    Overview of HealthInfoNet & Maine's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

    • Overview of HealthInfoNet & Maine's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • 2

    Long-Term Care (LTC) Case Study

    • Long-Term Care (LTC) Case Study

    • LTC Supporting Documentation & Reference Materials

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