Key Course Objectives

  • Getting Started

    Begin exploring and implementing the service within user workflows by learning how to obtain access and log in to the platform for the first time.

  • Methodologies

    Take a deeper dive into the system’s underlying methodologies and definitions, including patient attribution, user management, data sources, lookback periods, and much more.

  • Reporting Dashboards

    Review the contents of each reporting dashboard, which contain a suite of use case-driven analytics tailored over the years in collaboration with HIE participants to yield actionable insights.

Course Curriculum Overview

Preview the chapters and lessons included in this course

  • 1

    Overview of HealthInfoNet's Health Analytics Reporting Platform

    • Overview of HealthInfoNet's Health Analytics Reporting Platform

  • 2

    Supporting Documentation & Reference Materials

    • Supporting Documentation & Reference Materials

Start Learning

Begin leveraging the insights gathered through the Health Analytics Reporting Platform to improve the quality, safety, and delivery of patient care and population health at your organization.