Key Course Objectives

  • Authorization & Access

    Learn how to obtain access, log in, and securely connect to the Clinical Portal's online-based user interface.

  • Patient Medical Records

    Understand how to search for, view, and navigate patients' electronic medical records within the Clinical Portal.

  • Value-Add Services

    Develop in-depth knowledge on using the Clinical Portal's event-based notifications, patient attribution services, and other critical functionality.

Course Curriculum Overview

Preview the chapters and lessons included in this course

  • 1

    Course Disclaimer

    • Course Disclaimer

  • 2

    Overview of HealthInfoNet & Maine's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

    • Overview of HealthInfoNet & Maine's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • 3

    Welcome to HealthInfoNet's Clinical Portal

    • About HealthInfoNet's Clinical Portal

  • 4

    Account Setup & Initial Login

    • How to Request & Obtain Access to the Clinical Portal

    • How to Log In to the Clinical Portal

  • 5

    Patient Lookup Services

    • How to Search for Patient Medical Records

    • How to Break a Patient Record Privacy Seal

  • 6

    Patient Record Services

    • How to Break a Patient Record Mental Health Privacy Seal

    • How to Navigate a Patient Record

    • How to View Documents in a Patient Record

    • How to Use the Community Services Module

  • 7

    Notification Services

    • How to Configure Notification Alerts for a Patient Panel

  • 8


    • How to Configure Worklists for Multiple Patient Panels

  • 9

    User Testimonials

    • What Are Our Users Saying?

  • 10

    Additional Education & Training Opportunities

    • How to Learn More About the Clinical Portal

  • 11

    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation

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